CPVC General Butterfly Valve DIN ASTM JIS Standard

CPVC General Butterfly Valve DIN ASTM JIS Standard
Product Details
Name of valveCPVC General Butterfly Valve(Handled Type)
Name of materialCPVC
Size range of valveDN50-DN400
Color of valve Light Grey valve body and red handle; other handle
How to connectflanges at two sides
operatedbutterfly valve handles
Standard of valveDIN/JIS/ASTM/CNS/ISO 4422/ANSI
Certificate of valveCE, NSF,ISO14001,ISO9001, SGS





Size DN(De)DHH1H2SL1L2
50(63)104.00 266.00 77.00 134.00 44.50 102.00 212.50 10
65(75)114.30 275.00 83.00 140.00 46.00 102.00 212.50 10
80(90)130.00 288.00 89.00 146.00 48.60 102.00 212.50 10
100(110)160.40 332.00 104.00 167.00 55.50 115.00 253.30 10
125(140)186.00 361.00 117.00 181.00 63.00 115.00 253.30 10
150(160)215.00 379.00 130.00 189.00 72.00 115.00 253.30 10
200(225)269.00 449.00 158.00 210.00 73.00 150.00 410.00 10
250(280)324.00 547.00 205.00 264.00 113.00 150.00 410.00 10
300(315)336.60 590.00 228.00 285.00 114.40 150.00 410.00 10


01Handle Cap1PP+GF30%
03Drive Seat1PP+GF40%
04Gear Seat1PP+GF30%
05Collar1Stainless Steel 304/316
06Located Set1PP+GF30%
08Guide Sleeve2PVC-U/PVC-C
10Valve sleeve1PVC-U/PVC-C
12Shaft1Stainless Steel 304/316
13Collar1Stainless Steel 304/316
14Washer1Stainless Steel 304/316
15Washer cover1PP+GF30%
16Brake handle1PP+GF30%
17Spring1Spring steel(zincplated)
18Seal ring1EPDM/FPM
19Rubber ring2EPDM/FPM


Packing Details







Height (cm)
1Handled butterfly valveDN50101037.30 685835
2DN65101136.30 685835
3DN80101323.30 685835
4DN10031763.85 48.53632
5DN12562287.89 66.542.539.5
6DN15043036.55 5539.536
7DN20016870.60 574317
8DN250110797.05 564920
9DN300113877.05 615320

We manufacture PVC-U/PVC-C pipe, fitting and valve according to BS EN ISO 1452, ASTM D1785, ASTM F439 and other standard.
Huasheng is established in Changzhou Konggang Industry Zone in 1988, expert in PVC-U/PVC-C pipe, fitting & valve of DIN, ASTM standard, for water supply and chemical industry, size from 20mm to 800mm.
We are an ISO 9001 & ISO 14001 accredited company, and a leading manufacturer and distributor of plastic piping in China. Spread over a area of  250,000 sq.m. Huasheng is having a dedicated workforce of about 500 employees.
The company is equipped with the state of the art machinery to manufacture quality pipes, fittings & valves.
We would like to introduce our company "Jiangsu Huasheng Plastic Co., Ltd" located in Changzhou China is one of the original Manufacturers of plastic pipe, fitting and valve since 1988. The company is in a position to provide PVC(PVC-U, PVC-C, PVC-M), PE, PVDF, HT-PVC pipes and valves for the standard of ANSI, DIN, GB, BS, CNS.
As to our constant research and improvement, our products go to the high quality and good price. So we are the long-term supplier of SEB Asia Ltd, Kohler Thailand Public Ltd, Konica Minolta Group etc.
Our strength is "high quality and good price". Once we establish a relationship with a client, they will remain with us for ever.
Please send us the details of your needs, so that we can provide you more our information.
whatever we done is for our clients!
Huasheng Service commitments
Before-sale service:credit and passion
To provide technical consultation,reasonable offer,as well as passionate and considerate on-the-spot survey
In-sale service:earnestness and particularity
To deliver in time ensure the quality,supply goods as agreed,and provide service such as installation,commissioning,training and so on
After-sale service:timely and considerate
To provide repairs and maintenances free of charge within the quality guarantee prriod,and offer permanent technique supports for the product
Trace product and service quality,regard clients'suggestions and complaints,and improve in time
Endless service,customers forever first

Equipped with a professional factory, Huasheng Plastic is one of the best manufacturers in China who can offer you cpvc general butterfly valve din astm jis standard. We can also offer you the pricelist consultation of cpvc general butterfly valve din astm jis standard, welcome to buy our customized products.


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