Schedule 80 CPVC Pipes,SCH80 Standard For Hot Water Supply

Schedule 80 CPVC Pipes,SCH80 Standard For Hot Water Supply
Product Details

CPVC  Pipe Advantage:
1. High Heat Resistance:allows transportation of hot liquid and high temperature chemicals below 93 degree celsius
2. Corrosion resistance: relatively inert with many chemicals
3. Heat insulation properties: 1/360 of steel pipes
4. Smooth wall surface: reduce invasion of microbes and other foreign particles
5. Compliance with the dissolution test: no effect on water quality
6. Electrical insulation properties: suitable for use as high voltage electrical power-lines
7. Cold bonding of cement allows simple and economical installation 

CPVC Description:
Material:Chlorinated Polyvinyl Chloride
Size:1/2 inch ~16 inch 
Standard:ASTM F441 SCH 80


Standards of CPVC Testing Material
Index NameUnitIndex
Vicat Softening Temperature≧110
Vicat Softening Temperature(Fittings)≧103
 Longitudinal Reversion%≦5
Chlorine Concerntration(Mass Percent)%≧60
Hydrostatic Test--No leafing,no break
Hydrostatic Reheat Test--
Drop Impact Test--TIR≦10%
Oven TestCal/g/℃No lamination,no crack
 Modulus of ElasticityMPa≧2660
Tensile StrengthMPa≧56
 Impact StrengthKJ/m2≧16
Coefficient of Linear Expansionm/m℃3.4×10-5
Thermal ConductivityCal/g/℃0.14
 Specific HeatCal/g/℃0.14
Bulk Resistance Ω/cm≧1015
Dielectric StrengthAC,KV/mm13
Flame Retardant--Self-extinguish

ASTM F441unit:mm
Size(")Wall thicknessOuter diameterTolerance of wall thickness
1/2"3.73 Φ21.340~+0.51
3/4"3.91 Φ26.670~+0.51
1"4.55 Φ33.40~+0.53
1-1/4"4.85 Φ42.160~+0.58
1-1/2"5.08 Φ48.260~+0.61
2"5.54 Φ60.320~+0.66
2-1/2"7.01 Φ73.020~+0.84
3"7.62 Φ88.90~+0.91
4"8.56 Φ114.30~+1.02
5"9.52 Φ141.30~+1.14
6"10.97 Φ168.280~+1.32
8"12.70 Φ219.080~+1.52
10"15.06 Φ273.050~+1.80
12"17.45 Φ323.850~+2.08
14"19.05 Φ355.60~+2.29
16"21.41 Φ406.40~+2.57


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