PVC Male Adaptor(T*T) With Two Threaded Ends , PN10

PVC Male Adaptor(T*T) With Two Threaded Ends , PN10
Product Details
Items NamePVC Male Adaptor (T*T)PN10
MaterialPolyvinyl chloride  
ColorGrey or Customized
StandardDIN 8063, ISO1452

Extreme temperatures or temperature changes that are too cold or too hot will cause many failures, such as:

The impact force on plastic pipes and pipe fittings should not be too great, similarly, there should be no excessive suction and vacuum conditions. The use of pipe wrenches on relatively soft threaded plastic parts can also damage the pipeline. The pipeline cannot be used as the floor mat of the electrical system, and excessive friction should be avoided to generate static electricity. Sparks and high temperatures are generated during electric welding and gas cutting, and if they are close to the pipeline, the pipeline will be damaged. High chromic acid and high nitric acid can cause stress fracture of the pipeline; when some chemicals or solvents are adsorbed on the surface of the pipeline, the pipeline may soften and sag.

When digging trenches and backfilling, pay attention to the leveling and cleanness of the foundation bed to protect the pipeline from collision and scratching by rocks.

Product Data


Male Adaptor (T*T)
20*1/2"20.80 14.50 7.00 40.50 1/2"
25*3/4"25.70 17.50 8.00 45.00 3/4"
32*1"33.10 24.00 11.00 50.00 1"
40*1-1/4"41.40 32.00 11.00 52.50 1-1/4"
50*1-1/2"47.30 37.50 12.50 55.00 1-1/2"
63*2"58.60 48.50 12.50 67.00 2"

Packing Details
DescriptionSizePcs/ctnWeight   (g/pcs)Length (cm)Width (cm)Height  (cm)
Male adaptor(T*T)De20*0.5"18096.58 43.53130
De25*0.7519670.40 43.53130
De32*1"28047.85 43.53130
De40*1.2542028.38 43.53130
De50*1.5"70021.03 43.53130
De63*2"78010.86 43.53130

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