JIS PVC Coupling Socket TS

Product Details

PVC Coupling TS   

Items NamePVC Coupling TS
MaterialPolyvinyl chloride  
Size16~150 mm
ColorDark grey
ConnectionCement or Glue Type
StandardJIS K6742







Threaded connection of plastic pipe and metal pipe

The piping system where plastic pipes and metal pipe fittings adopt threaded connection must use injection-molded threaded plastic pipe fittings, and the pipe diameter of the pipe at the connection part shall not be greater than 63mm. Plastic pipe fittings should be used as external threads, and metal pipe fittings should be internal threads; if plastic pipe fittings are used as internal threads, it is advisable to use plastic connectors embedded with metal reinforcement rings or lined copper wire joints.

Plastic pipeline construction and installation method-flange connection

Flange connection refers to the use of flanges to connect with pipes and valves of different materials. It is often used to connect plastic fittings with cast iron flanges, flanged valves and other pipe fittings. When the pipe fittings need to be disassembled frequently, flange connection can be used. There are many types of plastic flanges, including sockets, sockets and threaded flanges, as well as integral flanges and loose flanges. The maximum bearing pressure of plastic flanges at 22°C is usually 68kg. It should be noted that the liquid to be transported should be compatible with the flange gasket material.

Flange bolt tightening sequence

The two-piece flange connection method is as follows:

1 A rubber gasket is required between the flange and the flange connection.

2 The bolt diameter and center distance of the flange should be consistent with the flange bolt diameter and center distance of the connected accessories.

3 Before installing the bolts, make sure that the flange contact surface at the gasket is flat.

4 When the bolts are tightened, the flange axis should be on the same horizontal line, the flange surface should be perpendicular to the pipe axis, and the gap should be uniform.

5 It is best to use a torque wrench to tighten the bolts, and tighten them in order, symmetrical positions, and evenly tighten them, as shown in the figure on the right, to prevent twisting; after tightening, check them one by one (it is recommended to tighten all of them at least three times. Bolts) to ensure the ideal sealing effect.

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