PPH PN6 Socket Fusion Plastic Pneumatic Diaphragm Valve

PPH PN6 Socket Fusion Plastic Pneumatic Diaphragm Valve
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Outdoor storage:

If the pipes and fittings are stored outdoors, they should be covered. The ground on which the pipe is placed should be flat, preferably with support pads to avoid bending and sagging of the pipe. When stacking pipes, make sure that the upper pipes will not cause squeezing, cracking or deformation damage to the ground pipes. The stacking height should not exceed 1.5m, and it should not be shaken or loose. Sockets and sockets should be stacked alternately in parallel and not vertically stacked. The socket part should be suspended from the end of the socket.

Storage temperature:

The pipes should not be stacked too tightly, and they should be kept away from high temperature and heat source environments, such as heaters, boilers, and steam supply pipes. When placed outdoors, it should be covered with non-transparent materials, and the surrounding air should be circulated to prevent the cover from absorbing heat and generating high temperature, which may cause the tube to fade and deform. PVC products cannot be exposed to high temperature of 65℃, and CPVC pipes cannot be exposed to 98℃.


32169.00 65.00 177.00 19.50 
40191.00 77.00 234.00 23.50 
50217.00 84.00 260.00 29.00 
63247.00 105.00 300.00 35.00 

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