Butt Fusion PE Female Tee

Product Details
Name of productbutt fusion PE female tee
MaterialsPolyethylene(PE)/High Density Polyethylene(HDPE)
Temperature Range-40°C ~ +80°C.
Valve ColorBlack
connect/joiningSocket fusion/butt fusion/butt fusion welded
Delivery3~20 days after receiving the deposit, depends on the quantity
Usage areafor water supply,gas, municipal water supply, portable water, drinking water, etc



Plastic pipeline construction and installation method-threaded connection

Threaded connection of plastic pipe fittings

The thread of pipe fittings should be clean and not messy. When installing, do not rotate with excessive force. Under normal circumstances, the thread is fastened, leaving 2-3 threads, and it can be sealed. When installing large-size pipe fittings, it is recommended to use belt wrenches, pipe wrenches, vise and other similar tools that will damage the plastic pipes and pipe fittings, so it is not recommended to use them. Experience has shown that when the torque is 10-25ft.-lbs, the best seal is achieved. After installation, avoid the influence of large external forces, such as sharp objects hitting, falling or violently pulling.



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