Butt Fusion PE Female Tee

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Product Details
Name of productbutt fusion PE female tee
MaterialsPolyethylene(PE)/High Density Polyethylene(HDPE)
Temperature Range-40°C ~ +80°C.
Valve ColorBlack
connect/joiningSocket fusion/butt fusion/butt fusion welded
Delivery3~20 days after receiving the deposit, depends on the quantity
Usage areafor water supply,gas, municipal water supply, portable water, drinking water, etc



Advantages of PE pipe:

1. Good flexibility, and impact resistance. Good resistance to environmental stress cracking and fast cracking.

2. The installation and connection are simple and reliable. It's strong and no leakage by hot-melt and electric-melt connection, they are integrated pipes.

3. Light weight, convenient transportation; good toughness, simple welding process, fast construction.

4. Non-toxic, sanitary, environmental-friendly materials; clean, no scaling, resistant to various chemical media.

5. The inner wall is smooth, the friction coefficient is small, and the water delivery volume is increased by 30% compared with the cast pipe under the same conditions.

6. Economical and durable, service life up to 70 years, low maintenance cost, low engineering cost



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