Quality Control Test Equipment And Facilities

1.vicat softening temperature  

To test the thermal distortion temperature and vicat softening temperature of the non-metal material.

2.pipe hydrostatic pressure tester

To test hydrostatic pressure of the plastic pipes and fittings( exert the same or different pressure on the samples under a constant temperature)

3pipe axial liner expansion coefficient tester

To test the high temperature expansion performance of the solid inorganic material and metal.

4.To test the viscount melt flow rate of MFR valve of all kinds of plastics and resin

5.Horizontal vertical flame tester

To test the flammability and the flame resistance property of the plastic and other non-metal material.

6.electronic tensile tester

To test the stretching, stripping, bending and deformation of the plastic pipes and fittings.

7.pipe pressure tester

To test the damage time of the pipes under long time constant pressure and temperature and the maximum pressure of the instant blasting.

8.high voltage insulation resistance tester

To test the insulation resistance of all kinds of transformers, motors, cable, switch, electrical equipment and insulation material.

9 .size rate tester

oven (longitudinal shrinkage rate/vertical retraction/longitudinal reversion)

Size rate tester can be used to test the post-heated size rate and it can replace the oven.

10.falling weight impact tester

To test the external impact resistance performance of all kinds of pipes, such as PVC-U pipe for water supply and drainage, PE water pipe and so on)