Plastic Pipe Fittings Technical Connection Tips

Pipe extrusion needs to have high viscosity material, while the injection molding requires material with high liquidity. Product performance requirements for pipe joint is very high.

In the pipe and joint seals in the industry using advanced technology, through the use of a novel active catalyst is needed to control molecular structure.

Forming process of pipe production is very sophisticated, even large rotational molding of large joints. European consumption of about 3.5 million tons of plastic per year. With the pipe in sewer, water supply, plumbing, roads and drainage applications in areas such as increased, the market is growing.

Cross-linked polyethylene is more and more used to the plumbing market, avoiding the loss of expensive copper pipes. It can be installed at a lower cost and faster. PEX fittings used can reduce the system, and allows you to use various pipe fittings. Energy is a very important factor, 66% of energy used in the process, and these are mainly used in electric motors and on barrel heating. Only use the motor speed control, you can reduce unnecessary work; barrel temperature controlled 30-70% heating costs can be saved. Fluorinated polymers for industrial pipes and pressure pipes, these fluoropolymer in hot water systems and fittings in the excellent chemical resistance.

Plastic pipe fittings technology, and also need to continue to innovate, to combine it with the development of the times, understand the development needs of all trades.