Pipeline Installation Precautions

1.Don’t force too much while pipe installation;

2.Be careful to place the used material, remove the damaged pipe or fitting while if carrying;

3.Use specialized adhesive to pipe connection, chamfer the end of the pipe,clean burr and galling,clean pipe and socket end before gluing,glue bell end first and insert socket end into bell end ,rotate slightly to make sure connected perfectly,no more rotation within one minute,no carrying immediately.

4.No thread chaining for threaded pipe connection,only use threaded pipe and relative fitting for connection.Sealing material only use teflon tape,no use linen, paint and adhesives;

5.Please noted sealing O-ring should not be displaced, shedding while installation of union, O-ring will be up if union is installed vertically.The union nut should be screwed down at the top of the pipe;

6.When installing the expansion joint, the pipe is inserted into the bottom of the socket and leaving space for about 5mm distance because of expansion;

7.While installing flexible fitting,please install bracket to avoid water leakage while pipe working;

8.Adding casing pipe if Pipeline pass the floor ;

9.Please avoid external forces crash and take protection measures while pipeline installation;

10.No treading,tying draw cord,making staging in piping system while construction;

11.Please check all fixed points are ok,open nozzle to water flooding ,pressure test can be done until air exhausted ;

12.The pipe can not be bent arbitrarily, please use the corresponding elbow to reach the specified distance from the wall;

13.Whether installed overground or buried, tee,elbow and pipeline end will be fixed in pipeline system.