Performance Characteristics Of UPVC Pipe

1, light weight, easy shipping

PVC-u pipes for only steel and cast iron pipe 1/5, 1/3 of concrete. Pipe weighs about the same size, the same length of nodular cast iron pipe 1/4, 1/10 of concrete. Thus, convenient loading and unloading, reduces transportation costs 1/2-1/3. 1, no poison, no secondary pollution flows.

2, health and nonpoisonous, harmless

PVC-u pipe used in the process of scaling, are becoming infested with algae and other micro-organisms, not water secondary pollution.

3, small flow resistance

PVC-u pipe wall smooth, flowing resistance is very small, its roughness is 0.008-0.009, water carrying capacity of cast iron pipe 20%, concrete pipe 40%.

4, high strength

23 ℃ tensile strength not less than 45Mpa, its long-term hydrostatic strength base larger than other thermoplastics in general twice or more than twice times. Water pressure resistance intensity is high.

5, corrosion resistance

PVC-u pipe has good corrosion resistance, corrosion resistance to various chemical medium, not under the influence of wet acid, alkali and salt water and soil. Itself is a poor conductor of electrical insulating materials and thermal, electrochemical corrosion does not occur, pipe does not require any preservative treatments.

6, insulation, flame retardant

PVC-u pipe thermal conductivity lower than the traditional pipes, while difficult to burn and self-extinguishing.

7, bite-proof mesh

PVC-u pipe is not a nutrient source, is not susceptible to rodent attack. According to United States National Sanitation Foundation experiment in Michigan are out, the mice not gnawed PVC-u pipe.

8, easy to connect, easy to install

Due to the lightweight, easy to connect, and PVC-u pipe has a certain toughness, so installation is simple, and compared to other pipes, pipe system, the more complex, PVC-U the advantages of the more prominent.

9, long service life

Traditional tube service life for the 20-30 and PVC-u pipes under the rated temperature and pressure service life is not less than 50 years.

10, easy to maintain
PVC-u pipe maintenance cost only 30% of cast iron or concrete pipes.