Huasheng Brand AGR Pipe

AGR is a new type material, it's pipe system is called "Plastic steel pipe".

Huasheng AGR pipe has many superior performance as below:

1. Strong impact resistance

The power of acrylic is evenly distributed and can effectively absorb external shocks;

2. The inner wall is smooth, clean and hygienic, with good shading

The roughness is extremely small and does not produce inner wall deposits, and it is not easy to breed bacteria and algae;

3. Long life cycle

The service life of AGR pipes is more than 50 years;

4. Convenient construction and installation

The construction method is simple, and the construction operation is easy to master;

5. Good corrosion resistance

The insert is made of 304 stainless steel which is not easy to cause corrosion;

6. High bonding strength

AGR is combined with a special adhesive, which is firm and reliable;

7. High compressive strength

AGR pipelines are called "plastic steel pipe";

8. Good water efficiency, ensuring more water flow

The water cross-sectional area is large, and water flow is fully guaranteed;

9. Superior seismic performance

It has good extension performance and can withstand high-strength longitudinal force.