CPVC Civilian Characteristics Of Hot And Cold Water Piping System

Chlorinated polyvinyl chloride in 1958 by the United States of Lubrizol (ancient-German company BFGoodrich) successfully developed, because of its excellent resistance to high temperature, corrosion resistance and thermal expansion coefficient of low, bacteriostatic, good insulation properties and other characteristics has been used in many civil fields. CPVC is PVC on the concept after chloride is formed of a single aggregation, CPVC different chlorination methods, conditions and the reaction of chlorine with a great deal of difference, FlowGuardCPVC PVC based the high chlorine content from 56.7% to 67-74%. CPVC only 63-67% chlorine content in General. CPVC increase makes polymers for chlorine hard brittle temperature Tg significantly improved, also due to increased molecular weight of PVC at the same levels for chlorine, also a small rate increase. FlowGuard CPVC installed because of its relatively low cost, high strength and chemical resistance of dull inactive, excellent mechanical strength, non-conductivity and safest burn conductivity and smoky, FlowGuard CPVC becomes very important in engineering plastic materials.