Attention Points When Using PVC Pipe

Attention Points When Using PVC Pipe

PVC pipe is very popular nowadays, it is normally used in portable water, waster water , chemical and cooling liquid, heating liquid and so on. But we need pay attention to the following points when use PVC pipe.

  1. The medium temperature cannot be more than 45 ℃.

  2. If the installation is often hit by collisions, the pipeline must be concealed or take corresponding protective measures.

  3. When installing, be sure to keep away from the heat source. After installation, it needs to be flushed. The water speed during flushing cannot be greater than 2m/s.

  4. It's not suitable to use glue to connect pipe when temperature is below 5℃.

As we all know, PVC pipe has long service life, so when install, we must check at regular period. If find some abnormality, we must stop use it, and repair and change new pipe. We must take care of all details when install the pipe, to avoid the break or other problems.