Application Of CPVC Plastic Pipe A Wide Range Application Of CPVC Pipe

Its heat resistance, weather resistance, corrosion resistance, flame, smoke, and many other excellent properties are used for high temperature corrosive media, and CPVC pipe product for industrial use was first used in the chemical industry, such as chlor-alkali industry, metallurgy industry, petroleum industry, paper industry, etc. Secondly CPVC pipes for hot and cold water is applied to the development of geothermal resources, delivery of hot spring water and other domestic hot water. It can also be used in heating systems, fire protection systems, and so on. China is actively promoting the CPVC bushing for underground high-voltage power cable, is also using CPVC material resistant to high temperatures this feature in order to withstand the high temperatures produced by high-voltage power cable cable. CPVC pipes are easy to install and reliable installation method is similar to PVC pipe and, therefore, with PVC pipe installation experience can use CPVC piping installation and installation of PVC pipe has a matured construction, strictly in accordance with the implementation, installation quality can be guaranteed. It contributes significantly to the application of CPVC piping.