UPVC pipe applications

1. tap water piping (including outdoor and indoor water city pipes), because the UPVC pipe with acid and alkali resistance, corrosion, no rust, scaling, protect water quality, avoiding secondary pollution advantages, vigorously promote the production of environmentally friendly products today, as an ideal for protection of human health "green building materials", and the world, China has been widely used.

2. water-saving irrigation piping, of UPVC spouting drip irrigation systems use compared with conventional irrigation, water 50%-70% while saving fertilizer and pesticide use, crop yields can be increased by 30%-80%. Irrigation water resources, agricultural production in China lag behind today, to promote the development of water saving agriculture in China has a great deal of social benefits.

3. piping used in construction.

4.UPVC has excellent insulating ability, is also widely used as a telecommunication cable ducts.

5.UPVC acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, and many chemical plants used in the infusion tubing. Others are also used for digging well engineering, medicine of piping engineering, mineral salt water delivery piping, electrical, piping and so on.