Installation of UPVC pipe

1. shake the adhesive before use.

2.UPVC pipe and socket part must be cleared, plug gaps as small as possible.

3. use Emery cloth or blade coated joints, socket a thin brush evenly over glue and brush outside the socket part two-shot, stay dry after 40~60s inserts in place, and should take account of climate change the appropriate increase or decrease dry time.

4. bonding is strictly prohibited to touch the water, once the pipeline must be placed in the trench, after joint 24h backfill, filling the pipe with sand around to fill, save the connection for a large number of backfill.

When 5.UPVC tube and pipe socket, steel pipe link to wipe the glue must be, UPVC pipe softened (but not burnt) socket on the tube and after cooling, if conditions combined with better coupling.