Advantages of UPVC pipe

① for steam boiler room, laundry room drain optional cast iron pipe, can solve the heat overcame the disadvantage of UPVC pipe pressure resistance.

② the noisiest bottom riser elbows can be used for bottom pipe support piers, with a flexible material (polystyrene foam board) elbow wrap, so that groundwater flow in vertical pipe in practice and achieve the objective of silencing.

③ specification expansion joints should be below the interface to add the drain tee is good. But because of the expansion joint structure special and here cause fittings material waste, when coupling or check port installation, not only convenient but also easy to check expansion joints expansion joints in construction, may also reduce the number of parts, material saving. Construction must allow expansion joints in 10~15mm will not be able to play a role in expansion and increased leakage due to rubber ring separating the opportunity instead.

Black UPVC pipe and socket cast iron pipe connections, dehairing UPVC drainage pipe outside wall, then asbestos cement can be directly played, conservation. Galvanized steel pipe with the pipe diameter specification the same connection (often used for roof rainwater drainage tubule), outer diameter similar to undertake difficult practice's approach is variable diameter galvanized steel pipe welding extraction 150mm, welding, corrosion resistance directly into a UPVC tee fittings socket, asbestos cement curing, reinforcement at both ends of the hanger. This method does not affect its drainage function, but it can save space and simplify the construction process, is a simple and practical method of connection.

⑤ people reached the top of roof ventilation pipe length is 2m, only by virtue of its wear plate fixing. Typhoon weather occurred in the South, riser shaking and unsteady. Tried bread outside the riser in the practice of a thickness of 2mm layer of galvanized iron, metal and UPVC pipes between the outer walls filled with flexible materials (such as asbestos-cement, hemp thread, and so on), metal bottom through the angle with the floor connection. This method not only fixed riser, and more beautiful.

⑥ UPVC pipe specifications is not required in the pipe wall, construction workers neglected, according to this operation, affect the bonding effect. Construction supervision for this should be explained in detail, can be written in the low-down the material "adhesive coated with sandpaper before" requirements, monitoring, to ensure that the adhesive effect.

Sadly the rain bucket cover bucket add a rubber gasket seal between the flange rings waterproof, in case of floor waterproof layer is not good, and the roof drain clogged rainwater, waterproof, on insulating layer (mostly expanded perlite, water absorption, and is not easy to dry), resulting in water leakage accident.

⑧ pipes outer wall plate hole of the tube should damage make it rough, concrete close, water purposes. Add waterproof rubber sealing ring.

Krispy Kreme pipes should be according to the specifications in a timely manner in the course of construction, hangers to prevent rupture.

⑩ can require that all competent level for irrigation that the experiment, standpipe for water tests (slightly with the requirements specification), water seepage can be discovered, the overall construction quality, prevent economic losses caused by the leaking to lower part decorated ceiling material.